Is a Marilyn Monroe Dress for You?

While the name Marilyn Monroe is one that most everyone has heard, what some ladies may not be aware of is that there is actually a Marilyn Monroe dress. Best off all it doesn’t take that picture perfect hour glass figure that Marilyn was famous for to do justice to this dress.

It falls into the vintage category and some fondly refer to this as the swing dress. There are different versions of the Marilyn Monroe dress but when it comes to the style in order to be considered a true Marilyn Monroe dress it must adhere to that iconic style. This is comprised of the low cut V in the front with the open back. It is sleeveless with a synched bodice. Then the skirt of the dress flows in soft full pleats. Of course to be truly authentic looking the color has to be white. There are however many other versions of this dress that comes in different colours and even polka dots.

When one classifies this dress it is dubbed as the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s style. One of the reasons it is called a swing dress is because it is so free moving. The lady that wears this dress feels nothing but freedom in her movements. At the same time, she automatically knows that she is well dressed and although it is vintage it appears to be a timeless fashion.

So where would one wear a Marilyn Monroe dress? Well, the answer to this would be basically wherever the lady wants to. Just looking at it spells perfect attire for a dress that would be wonderfully cool and comfortable on a warm summer’s evening.

It really does take getting used to wearing vintage clothing to perhaps feel comfortable in this dress in the beginning, but it doesn’t take long to get used to it.

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